Adjusting to changes in life can result in emotional ups-and-downs that interfere with an individual reaching his/her life goals. Psychotherapy is a process of exploring one’s values, life circumstances, and emotions.  By increasing your understanding of self, relationships, and other important factors, the goal is to improve overall quality of life. Therapy is tailored to your needs and specific goals and can focus on the individual, couple, or family. Your therapist will utilize various evidence based treatment strategies.

Psychotherapy goals include the following:

  • Adjustment to injury or medical conditions
  • Improving emotional regulation
  • Social skills development
  • Managing excessive stress and/or tension
  • Improving communication skills
  • Wellness and personal growth
  • Dealing with difficult life decisions

In summary, the goal of psychotherapy is to facilitate positive change in individuals seeking better emotional and/or social functioning to improve quality of life and overall satisfaction.